100-Day Project Announced

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen, but I finally came up with my topic for the
100-DAY PROJECT: 100-Days of Borders.
It just kind of came to me last week. I have a custom order I am working on, and it was requested to have some borders on her work. Well, before I got started on her work, I wanted to play around first as there are no take-backsies with embroidery on a leaf. As I began playing around for what I wanted to do for her borders, it was like an ephinay! DUHHHH, Borders!
As you may know, I work for Mohawk Home and am a Designer 1 for home area rugs. This project will be perfect as it will be such a great exercise to be able to quickly come up with border ideas when and if needed for a rug design at work! A complete win-win. I get to make beautiful work on the side and also be able to utilize it for my day job. Each week will have a theme and I will push that theme 7 days-deep. 


P R I C I N G.

If you have been following along or if you have checked out my work on this website, each piece is priced for $100. This is a special project, and much of this work will be the only of it’s kind in so many ways.
You may think that is a lot for a leaf, however, I am about to get real and honest with you for a minute. When I first started my leaf work back in 2016, people bought my leaves for $250 a piece. And they were happy to. Some even bought for $300 a leaf, and that meant so much to me that people saw something so special in my work. When I did my first Art Walk, nothing was priced for under $65; also, nothing sold. Pricing was very tough to figure out and I’ve done lots of investigation with it. Over the past couple years, I’ve adjusted my pricing a lot especially when I started doing artisan markets consistently, and I’ve also done a lot of work just to make a buck, becuase I needed it. I’m not saying I don’t need the money now, it is very helpful. I still have $xx,xxx left in student loans to pay off. Student loans that led me to me embroidering on leaves.
However, what I am saying is, I am NOT APOLOGETIC for my pricing. My work is unique, and you are not going to find this kind of work almost anywhere else. If you don’t or can’t value my work, then I don’t want you to have it. Some people say that I should have my work at $200+ per leaf. But I created a formula for how I price my work and add in some extra for value. This year, and going forward, I am going to value myself, my work, and my worth. On top of that, going forward this year, ALL PROFITS OF MY WORK GO DIRECTLY AS AN OVERPAYMENT TO MY STUDENT LOANS. I want them GONE by the time I am 30 (2.5 years). Thank you for your appreciation. It really. Really. Really, means a lot.

Having said all of that. Enjoy these next 95 days of work. This is exciting work. This work is my creative brain coming out of hibernation. This work is passion, dedication, and desire. This work is Heather Riniker. This work is Magnolia Heather Art.

As Promised, a Progress Update

Last week was quite full, but I consider it quite successful! Little goals, my friends. Little goals and checklists. ☑️
 ☑️ Wrote a weekly post as promised
 ☑️ Completed the work I set for myself to complete
 ☑️ Updated my website. a bit.
There were a few orders on my list to complete and even more to ship out. While I live and work very near a Post Office, I find it very difficult to make the time to get there while they are open. However, this last trip to USPS was also a well thought-out success. But more about that in a minute. 
 Orders that I had yet to complete were:
 -Wisconsin [state flower]
 -Rhode Island [state flower]
 -House Portrait
 -House Portrait (as a gift for someone)
 -Ole Miss
 -finishing touches on my cousins Baby Fox
 -a custom Heart and Cross piece

Since it isn’t too often that I get orders that I need to ship out, I don’t keep any mailing/shipping supplies on-hand, as that is overhead money that I take a risk on spending before I even get any orders. However, as it seems to be so “difficult” for me to make it to one of the very close proximity Post Offices, I decided to take the leap and pre-purchase shipping supplies and stamps! So the first 8 people to place an order will get their work in a very timely manner! Hooray! It’s the little things, you guys. It really is. 
On top of all the embroidery success, I did a lot of cleaning around the house and meal prep. Oh! I also have been slowly updating my STATES EMBROIDERY page on my website. My goal is to upload a purchase link for every state, whether I have made it or not.  This way, you can still directly order the leaf you are looking for, without inquiring thru the custom order  portal. It will also help me keep better track of which pieces I have created and sold (another effort in keeping better books!) Anyhow, It was a wonderful weekend. I hope that yours was just as fantastic. 
 ACTIONS: This time next week, I hope to share with you some experiments. Now that my orders are complete, I want to experiment with a few ideas that I want to execute going forward. This effort is part of my want to take my work in a slightly different direction, but also maybe part of my 100-day project effort. 
Until next week!

New Year, Same Me

New year, same me. Not much is going to change here over at Magnolia Heather Art, except for a whole lot! This year, I have set goals, and I would love to stick to them. We all would. It’s not always the easiest, but we try—and I think if we try, then it counts! 

 In case you are interested, my MHA goals for the year are:
-Update my website!
Because I’m pretty bad at keeping up with it.
 >>Actions: after every new piece of work, I WILL edit photos, and immediately upload to website. Save all work to folders. But first, I need to upload what I currently have.
 -Create physical portfolios
To have at my shows/markets or to just show people
 >>Actions: I have relatively organized folders in my Google Drive of most of all my work. Now I just need to come up with a simple and clean format and actually print up a portfolio.
Straight up, I just need to keep a blog. If you follow along, this will probably not have a great structure at first, but I hope that along the way, I will develop a style and develop what I actually want the blog to be about. Mostly it will probably just be an open journal!
 -Make all 50 states
 By the end of 2019 (and have in stock)
 >>Actions: I have made and created patterns for about 40 or so states. Now I just need to organize ONE sketchbook with all the patterns, then go ahead and start embroidering. I’ll probably go in alphabetical order
 -Better record keeping
This just makes sense. And unfortunately I will probably mostly have to be on paper. Becuase I just get lost in the computers and forget. Physically writing helps me stay organized
 >>Actions: I have already started a notebook with basic record keeping
  -100 day project
I had mentioned this a couple months back, and truly I wanted to start on the first of the month, but I’m still a little unsure of what I want to do for the project!

My personal goals include:
 -physically get back to where I should be (I’ve gained a little weight over the past year, and its just uncomfortable to me) My plans for this is, I am working with a coach to do a Transformation Challenge, and I also have a couple half-marathons on the books 
 -marry my fiancé, Kevin. 
 -Thrive creatively
So there you have it. It is written down, and I will let you know how the progress proceeds. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post, which will be about what I have accomplished THIS week. 

2018- Updates, New Projects, and yay!

What a year 2018 has been for me! It’s been a whirlwind, but I am so happy right now. I graduated 5 years ago, and it was tough. Truly it was. BUT, I feel as though my due diligence is coming around in the universe that I am finally getting back what I’ve put in. So far, 2018 started me off with my second year of Magnolia Heather Art, which is great to know that all of your support has helped me get to here. Truly. Also:

 - got a new career with Mohawk Home as a designer for area rugs
 - I moved, but not too far that I’ve uprooted my life
 - bought a house— my very first! Such a special thing.
 - got a new car
 - got a new bicycle (which my art paid for!— Thank you!)
 - aaaaannnnnd me and Kevin just got **engaged**!!

So, yay! Huge year. Awesome year.  Now, we all know (for the few who read this) that I do not keep up with my blog, but as I always say when I write a new post— I would like to make a better effort. 
 W H A T S    N E W ?
Wellllll, I am still diligently working on my efforts to provide you with all 50 states in embroideries. I am so close, pretty sure I have around 40 made. This is a project I would like to never give up. Home is something/somewhere we all want to have close and dear to our hearts, plus these leaves make the perfect gift for almost anyone who appreciates craft and art!
Secondly, even though I am happy, I’ve been feeling the burn out. It’s hard trying to keep up with inventory and shows and a thousand suggestions of where they think you would do amazing with your work. But honestly, I cannot keep up with that. If I found just the right shops or just the right opportunity that got me a million sales, I would be stuck in a situation that would cause me a lot of stress. I finally got this awesome career, and I would really like to say here for quite some time. This is so fantastic on the side, and I am NOT complaining of having “too many” orders or not being able to make up the inventory from the last (like 5) shows. Those are all G O O D things. I’m just saying, I’m not super woman, and I do work full time, so its nice to keep small... for now. 😬. 
Lastly, with this sort of burn out, starting SOMETIME soon, I will be temporarily discontinuing all designs unless special custom orders or states/countries are requested. This is because my focuses are shifting, and I am choosing to utilize a lot more of my free time (aka time I work on leaves) towards my health. I have made some lofty athletic goals, and in order to reach them, I need to put in the time. I will also be distracted possibly planning me and Kevin’s wedding, annnnnnnd I plan to work on a special project:
 T H E   1 0 0  D A Y   P R O J E C T [https://www.the100dayproject.org/
This project is meant to help myself re-focus on work that I want to create. Not work to create to please *everyone*. I try too hard at that, and it just never works out. I have already chosen my subject, and I am very excited about it. As of now, I am beginning the prep-work so that I can go into this project prepared and not so overwhelmed. Kind of like training for a half marathon. Get a plan, make it work with your schedule, set your goals, and just do it. 
All of the work for the #100dayproject will be available for sale; still deciding if I accept this as-I-go or if I will not release until after it is complete.
 T H A N K   Y O U 
I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who supports me, my journey, and my work. I do not know how I could have gotten to where I am without it all. Thank you to my person friends and family, thank you to those who simply appreciate my work, to everyone who has a piece (or 2 or 3) on their walls, Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I wish to never stop creating, so I appreciate your patience and following as I take this next moment in my leafing career to just recenter. 💚🍃 


Leaf on. 🍂😎 


Introducing to you: - M I N I   E M B R O I D E R I E S-

 “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving forward.” -Albert Einstein.

The above quote is one of my favorites for multiple reasons, but simply put: I  am moving forward in life, and finding my balance. I would like to introduce to you my Mini Embroideries Series. Less is more sometimes, and I believe that with these simple illustrations [embroideries] and designs, can help bring  your room or space together quite beautifully— and without breaking the bank. Truly, I love making my work, but yes, my work is a source of income, so I have to consider the cost of my work [and time]. However, I would love the opportunity to share my work and leave it in the possession of so many people.  So, enjoy my work, the simplicity of embroidery on a leaf, for only $20.   


It’s Been a While

Hey all, sorry for being so quiet and not updating— going into the new year, I thought that I thought a lot about it and knew what I was going to do, going into 2018 with a plan. Then, I realized that I still didn’t have a plan, and just because it was a new year doesn’t mean its a fresh start (not to say that it can’t be, either). “They” say timing is everything; sometimes it is, most times, good timing cannot be planned. 

Anyhow, I am here to actually finally update my website and show you some new work, and attempt a consistent blog. I have updated my Events page, so, please check it out if you are interested in seeing me and my work soon. Also, I've begun to take my work in a new direction, so check it out!--



I've started playing with doing border work instead of just little central motifs. These are much more detiailed than most of my work, but I think they are worth it!

I've started playing with doing border work instead of just little central motifs. These are much more detiailed than most of my work, but I think they are worth it!

Some of my followers requested bugs! With this one, I decided to mix my new border work with the bugs. The bug embroidered here is the American Carrion Beetle. 

Some of my followers requested bugs! With this one, I decided to mix my new border work with the bugs. The bug embroidered here is the American Carrion Beetle. 

Type. Who doesn't love a little hand-embroidered, hand-written work? I can embroider any hometown, state, country, word, that you want!

Type. Who doesn't love a little hand-embroidered, hand-written work? I can embroider any hometown, state, country, word, that you want!

New Designs/Recent Commissions

It’s been a little hard to keep up with the #meetthemaker but that’s okay. I’ve been rather busy, which is good, especially preparing for my upcoming shows on the 9th & 10th.  Anyhow, here’s some new designs and a few commissions that I’ve done. They’ll be upload to the site soon, but if you gotta have one NOW, just email me!


CARDINAL (in snow) -$75 


CARDINAL (pine)- $75 










BARN OWL- $65 


And here are a few of my latest commissions: 







#meetthemaker Days 12 & 14

Day 12/30: FIRST SALE


This is where the past year began. With these three leaves. They sold as a collection, and it was really exciting to tell people that. What I didn’t tell them, was that it was my dad who bought them. STILL, it was a sale. And it is kinda nice to know I’ll always be close by to the original 3, once I’m famous for my art 😉 





Today’s prompt is creative friends. While I could choose a bunch of people I follow from Instagram, I decided to choose from local artists/makers that I have met over the past year from attending the markets, festivals and shows. 


-First up is @inlikeflinn

She funny, quirky, and talented. Check out her nature-inspired work! It’s all beautiful and interesting.


-Second is @lovelybones.illustrations

I’m a sucker for life-like and nature based illustration. I wish I had her talent of precision.


-Next is @revelpost

She’s cute and charming, and knows how to work the watercolors. Beautifully watercolored designs as well as hand lettered cards and signs.


-Last is @toryleggdesigns

She recently relocated to the Atlanta area, and makes wonderful delicate handmade jewelry.

#meetthemaker Days 8 & 9



So yesterday it took me an hour and 10 minutes to get to work. Mind you, it’s a 13 mile commute. In no traffic, it would take me just over 20 min. In normal traffic, 35-40min. In yesterday’s traffic, well... 

Which brings me to goal

#1- to not waste 2 hours of my day commuting.  

—> yes, this is my fault. I chose to live where I live, and yada yada. But actually, I chose to live where I live, THEN got the job I have. Not vice versa. Either way, it’s ridiculous and a waste of time. And I would like to resolve this by getting a design job closer to home, work remotely, or get to the point that I’m successful enough on my own that I solely work for myself. I’d be happy with any of those options. My time is very valuable to me.  

#2- be a designer/artist for my day job

—> don’t worry, I’m not just sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen. I’m working on this in many ways. 

#3- create more product. 

—>  there’s so many amazing artists, makers, designers, what have you, and every day I am inspired by a new one. I have plans: embroidered leaves are what make me special and unique, but I also really want to create home decor product, every day use product, and simply design some fabric that others can use in their own designs. I have plans. And I’m slowly getting there.

#4- embroider very conceptual pieces. 

—> I love the little motifs/designs that I do on the leaves, and I love more when others can relate and want them. However, I love love love doing super detailed work. I want to create BIG pieces that are conceptual or grand enough to be in galleries, and maybe one day, a museum. Dream big, you guys. 

#5- be at a point where I can buy a home.  

—> my gosh this is a big one for me. I would wear you out to tell you the amount of addresses I have had in the past 5 years. It’s time... and I want to settle. I want a place to call home, I want to paint my walls, not worry about neighbors sharing walls or dealing with a roommate. I want a home. and the savings process begins. So remember, every time you make a purchase, you’re helping me achieve many of my goals.

#6- not work more than 8 hours a day.

—> I know I’m not the only one out there living the double life. But it’s tiring. Some days I wake up at 4 am just to get some embroidery done. Some days I work on the weekends to do shows and create work. And most days I just want to be able to enjoy my time (don’t get me wrong, I love doing my creative work, it’s the day job work that takes up most of my time and that I’m not always enthused by) and ride my bike more. Self care, you know? 

#7- ride my bike more and get FIT

—> I was an athlete in high school, and I carried it over into college. I still continued after college. And I’ve never been half bad. I have potential but I recently I’ve put my training on the back burner to focus on my work. I keep saying once I have my work figured out, I can train again.  

#8- feel comfortable

—> I just don’t, I’m so many ways. 

#9- have a plan to reach my goals. 

—> I have some mental notes, but mostly, I’ll be doing a 2017 yearly reflection, then making a plan with a calendar. 




Today’s prompt is my favorite small business, and this is so hard to decide. There’s really so many, but I decided to go with 2. I first chose Homesick Candles because I just love the simple perfect idea. That’s really all I have to say. They are very well crafted and smell just nummy! I got a Wisconsin one last year at Christmas, and it was my favorite gift I received. (I live in GA now).

Then I chose Elena O’Neill , because I am OBSESSED with her beautiful prints and her products to go with. She makes little pencil pouches, pencils (the wrap around them), mugs, etc... anything you can put a pattern on! I highly recommend her work! Head over to her page and give her some ❤️ also, she takes pattern requests, so drop a comment!

#MeettheMaker Days 1-8

It’s been about a year since I joined the Instagram community as an artist/maker with a separate IG account for my work.

I started following lots of creative accounts (I can share those with you a different day), and I came across the hashtag #meetthemaker. My curiosity and FOMO got the best of  me and I wanted to join. But then I never did because I discovered it too late, and I didn’t feel ready. So now, 8 months later, I finally feel (somewhat) ready to take on the daily challenge of #meetthemaker. 

I discovered the source (I think)—at least the source I am following. It was by Joanne Hawker. And I would have been able to send you the link a week ago, but it looks like she is re-doing her website. Exciting things for her, I’m sure. Just as getting my website up was for me.  

Since I decided to start a blog on my new website, I figured an introductory #meetthemaker month might be appropriate. Let me get you caught up on the first 8 days of the challenge: 


The logo I designed myself.    Now whether this is my full brand image, I can’t say. I don’t think I’ve gotten to that point yet. However, I did know that at some point developing a logo would be an important part of building my brand. But brands and logos change... 

The logo I designed myself.  

Now whether this is my full brand image, I can’t say. I don’t think I’ve gotten to that point yet. However, I did know that at some point developing a logo would be an important part of building my brand. But brands and logos change... 

Day 2/30: YOU


This is me! Heather. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, however, I’ve been in Georgia since 2009. Currently I reside in Marietta (just outside of Atlanta) and lived in Savannah from 2009-2015. I got a BFA in Fibers in 2013 and embroidered leaves were the best part of my senior portfolio. I’ve been on the constant search for the perfect job, and soon, I might just “do it myself” and make my own perfect designer/artist job.

Day 3/30: WORKSPACE  


My workspace isn’t fancy or pretty like I get to see all over Instagram. Mine is me: pieced together making it work. First, you see my desk, where I’ll do the drawing and the using of the computer, interwebs, photoshop, illustrator, and the Netflix’s. Second you see my bed. Which is really where I do most of my work. Any typically, things aren’t neat. When I work, I explode and splay everything around me. It’s just how I work. But having a clean workspace does help me feel ready and focused to work. 

DAY 4/30: TOOLS   


Teddy said it best: “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”  

I don’t have much, and I do what I can with where I’m at. My tools are my supplies, and also Instagram, Facebook, Squarespace, Square, Being Boss, The Rising Tide Society, Photoshop, Illustrator, my computer, and people. People are our best tool. They can help network, connect, and so much more. 



I cannot live without my magnolia leaves. If I didn’t have those, my art wouldn’t exist as we know it. I also can’t live without my boyfriend, Kevin. I mean, maybe I could, but I don’t want to. He is there to help push me forward, he is there to tell me to keep going when I want to quit because all of this is kinda hard, and he’s even there at my shows/markets/festivals when I don’t (and do) even ask him to be there. Everyone can use a little moral support on a journey.



My raw materials are simple: 

- sketchbook   

- drawing utensils  

- tape

- vellum or tracing paper

- embroidery floss/thread

- snips

- magnolia leaves (of course)

- phone, for photography

Day 7/30: HOW AND WHY? 


Day 7/30: HOW & WHY

The most asked question I get is “HOW did you come up with this idea?”

Well, the big secret is.... the creative process.

This all began back in 2012 or 2013. It was an exercise we did for class from the book “How to be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith.

I came up with the combination:





At first, I started by embroidering on maps. Then, one day while experimenting with free-hand embroidery on paper, what I embroidered looked like a leaf.

💡 💡 💡

I went outside and grabbed a magnolia leaf.

Lo and behold embroidering on leaves began.

. . . . . . . . . . .

WHY am I doing what I do?

I’ve struggled to find the perfect job post-college. And I’ve done some cool things, but haven’t gotten the top of the list jobs that I have applied for, so in order to improve my portfolio, I picked this back up and decided that I will make my own job if I have to.

Day 8/30: WHERE? 


Where did this all begin? In Savannah, at the Fibers building, Pepe Hall. And you see here, the tree that I first picked up a leaf from. 


Alright, now that I am all caught up, all future posts will be much shorter, I promise! 

New Designs Added!

This week, 4 new designs have been added:

L I T T L E   C A C T U S -$85.00



C H R I S T M A S   P O I N S E T T I A -$120.00




C A M E R A -$65.00


Camera Complere.JPG


C O T T O N -$85.00