#meetthemaker Days 8 & 9



So yesterday it took me an hour and 10 minutes to get to work. Mind you, it’s a 13 mile commute. In no traffic, it would take me just over 20 min. In normal traffic, 35-40min. In yesterday’s traffic, well... 

Which brings me to goal

#1- to not waste 2 hours of my day commuting.  

—> yes, this is my fault. I chose to live where I live, and yada yada. But actually, I chose to live where I live, THEN got the job I have. Not vice versa. Either way, it’s ridiculous and a waste of time. And I would like to resolve this by getting a design job closer to home, work remotely, or get to the point that I’m successful enough on my own that I solely work for myself. I’d be happy with any of those options. My time is very valuable to me.  

#2- be a designer/artist for my day job

—> don’t worry, I’m not just sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen. I’m working on this in many ways. 

#3- create more product. 

—>  there’s so many amazing artists, makers, designers, what have you, and every day I am inspired by a new one. I have plans: embroidered leaves are what make me special and unique, but I also really want to create home decor product, every day use product, and simply design some fabric that others can use in their own designs. I have plans. And I’m slowly getting there.

#4- embroider very conceptual pieces. 

—> I love the little motifs/designs that I do on the leaves, and I love more when others can relate and want them. However, I love love love doing super detailed work. I want to create BIG pieces that are conceptual or grand enough to be in galleries, and maybe one day, a museum. Dream big, you guys. 

#5- be at a point where I can buy a home.  

—> my gosh this is a big one for me. I would wear you out to tell you the amount of addresses I have had in the past 5 years. It’s time... and I want to settle. I want a place to call home, I want to paint my walls, not worry about neighbors sharing walls or dealing with a roommate. I want a home. and the savings process begins. So remember, every time you make a purchase, you’re helping me achieve many of my goals.

#6- not work more than 8 hours a day.

—> I know I’m not the only one out there living the double life. But it’s tiring. Some days I wake up at 4 am just to get some embroidery done. Some days I work on the weekends to do shows and create work. And most days I just want to be able to enjoy my time (don’t get me wrong, I love doing my creative work, it’s the day job work that takes up most of my time and that I’m not always enthused by) and ride my bike more. Self care, you know? 

#7- ride my bike more and get FIT

—> I was an athlete in high school, and I carried it over into college. I still continued after college. And I’ve never been half bad. I have potential but I recently I’ve put my training on the back burner to focus on my work. I keep saying once I have my work figured out, I can train again.  

#8- feel comfortable

—> I just don’t, I’m so many ways. 

#9- have a plan to reach my goals. 

—> I have some mental notes, but mostly, I’ll be doing a 2017 yearly reflection, then making a plan with a calendar. 




Today’s prompt is my favorite small business, and this is so hard to decide. There’s really so many, but I decided to go with 2. I first chose Homesick Candles because I just love the simple perfect idea. That’s really all I have to say. They are very well crafted and smell just nummy! I got a Wisconsin one last year at Christmas, and it was my favorite gift I received. (I live in GA now).

Then I chose Elena O’Neill , because I am OBSESSED with her beautiful prints and her products to go with. She makes little pencil pouches, pencils (the wrap around them), mugs, etc... anything you can put a pattern on! I highly recommend her work! Head over to her page and give her some ❤️ also, she takes pattern requests, so drop a comment!