2018- Updates, New Projects, and yay!

What a year 2018 has been for me! It’s been a whirlwind, but I am so happy right now. I graduated 5 years ago, and it was tough. Truly it was. BUT, I feel as though my due diligence is coming around in the universe that I am finally getting back what I’ve put in. So far, 2018 started me off with my second year of Magnolia Heather Art, which is great to know that all of your support has helped me get to here. Truly. Also:

 - got a new career with Mohawk Home as a designer for area rugs
 - I moved, but not too far that I’ve uprooted my life
 - bought a house— my very first! Such a special thing.
 - got a new car
 - got a new bicycle (which my art paid for!— Thank you!)
 - aaaaannnnnd me and Kevin just got **engaged**!!

So, yay! Huge year. Awesome year.  Now, we all know (for the few who read this) that I do not keep up with my blog, but as I always say when I write a new post— I would like to make a better effort. 
 W H A T S    N E W ?
Wellllll, I am still diligently working on my efforts to provide you with all 50 states in embroideries. I am so close, pretty sure I have around 40 made. This is a project I would like to never give up. Home is something/somewhere we all want to have close and dear to our hearts, plus these leaves make the perfect gift for almost anyone who appreciates craft and art!
Secondly, even though I am happy, I’ve been feeling the burn out. It’s hard trying to keep up with inventory and shows and a thousand suggestions of where they think you would do amazing with your work. But honestly, I cannot keep up with that. If I found just the right shops or just the right opportunity that got me a million sales, I would be stuck in a situation that would cause me a lot of stress. I finally got this awesome career, and I would really like to say here for quite some time. This is so fantastic on the side, and I am NOT complaining of having “too many” orders or not being able to make up the inventory from the last (like 5) shows. Those are all G O O D things. I’m just saying, I’m not super woman, and I do work full time, so its nice to keep small... for now. 😬. 
Lastly, with this sort of burn out, starting SOMETIME soon, I will be temporarily discontinuing all designs unless special custom orders or states/countries are requested. This is because my focuses are shifting, and I am choosing to utilize a lot more of my free time (aka time I work on leaves) towards my health. I have made some lofty athletic goals, and in order to reach them, I need to put in the time. I will also be distracted possibly planning me and Kevin’s wedding, annnnnnnd I plan to work on a special project:
 T H E   1 0 0  D A Y   P R O J E C T [https://www.the100dayproject.org/
This project is meant to help myself re-focus on work that I want to create. Not work to create to please *everyone*. I try too hard at that, and it just never works out. I have already chosen my subject, and I am very excited about it. As of now, I am beginning the prep-work so that I can go into this project prepared and not so overwhelmed. Kind of like training for a half marathon. Get a plan, make it work with your schedule, set your goals, and just do it. 
All of the work for the #100dayproject will be available for sale; still deciding if I accept this as-I-go or if I will not release until after it is complete.
 T H A N K   Y O U 
I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who supports me, my journey, and my work. I do not know how I could have gotten to where I am without it all. Thank you to my person friends and family, thank you to those who simply appreciate my work, to everyone who has a piece (or 2 or 3) on their walls, Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I wish to never stop creating, so I appreciate your patience and following as I take this next moment in my leafing career to just recenter. 💚🍃 


Leaf on. 🍂😎