100-Day Project Announced

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen, but I finally came up with my topic for the
100-DAY PROJECT: 100-Days of Borders.
It just kind of came to me last week. I have a custom order I am working on, and it was requested to have some borders on her work. Well, before I got started on her work, I wanted to play around first as there are no take-backsies with embroidery on a leaf. As I began playing around for what I wanted to do for her borders, it was like an ephinay! DUHHHH, Borders!
As you may know, I work for Mohawk Home and am a Designer 1 for home area rugs. This project will be perfect as it will be such a great exercise to be able to quickly come up with border ideas when and if needed for a rug design at work! A complete win-win. I get to make beautiful work on the side and also be able to utilize it for my day job. Each week will have a theme and I will push that theme 7 days-deep. 


P R I C I N G.

If you have been following along or if you have checked out my work on this website, each piece is priced for $100. This is a special project, and much of this work will be the only of it’s kind in so many ways.
You may think that is a lot for a leaf, however, I am about to get real and honest with you for a minute. When I first started my leaf work back in 2016, people bought my leaves for $250 a piece. And they were happy to. Some even bought for $300 a leaf, and that meant so much to me that people saw something so special in my work. When I did my first Art Walk, nothing was priced for under $65; also, nothing sold. Pricing was very tough to figure out and I’ve done lots of investigation with it. Over the past couple years, I’ve adjusted my pricing a lot especially when I started doing artisan markets consistently, and I’ve also done a lot of work just to make a buck, becuase I needed it. I’m not saying I don’t need the money now, it is very helpful. I still have $xx,xxx left in student loans to pay off. Student loans that led me to me embroidering on leaves.
However, what I am saying is, I am NOT APOLOGETIC for my pricing. My work is unique, and you are not going to find this kind of work almost anywhere else. If you don’t or can’t value my work, then I don’t want you to have it. Some people say that I should have my work at $200+ per leaf. But I created a formula for how I price my work and add in some extra for value. This year, and going forward, I am going to value myself, my work, and my worth. On top of that, going forward this year, ALL PROFITS OF MY WORK GO DIRECTLY AS AN OVERPAYMENT TO MY STUDENT LOANS. I want them GONE by the time I am 30 (2.5 years). Thank you for your appreciation. It really. Really. Really, means a lot.

Having said all of that. Enjoy these next 95 days of work. This is exciting work. This work is my creative brain coming out of hibernation. This work is passion, dedication, and desire. This work is Heather Riniker. This work is Magnolia Heather Art.