New Year, Same Me

New year, same me. Not much is going to change here over at Magnolia Heather Art, except for a whole lot! This year, I have set goals, and I would love to stick to them. We all would. It’s not always the easiest, but we try—and I think if we try, then it counts! 

 In case you are interested, my MHA goals for the year are:
-Update my website!
Because I’m pretty bad at keeping up with it.
 >>Actions: after every new piece of work, I WILL edit photos, and immediately upload to website. Save all work to folders. But first, I need to upload what I currently have.
 -Create physical portfolios
To have at my shows/markets or to just show people
 >>Actions: I have relatively organized folders in my Google Drive of most of all my work. Now I just need to come up with a simple and clean format and actually print up a portfolio.
Straight up, I just need to keep a blog. If you follow along, this will probably not have a great structure at first, but I hope that along the way, I will develop a style and develop what I actually want the blog to be about. Mostly it will probably just be an open journal!
 -Make all 50 states
 By the end of 2019 (and have in stock)
 >>Actions: I have made and created patterns for about 40 or so states. Now I just need to organize ONE sketchbook with all the patterns, then go ahead and start embroidering. I’ll probably go in alphabetical order
 -Better record keeping
This just makes sense. And unfortunately I will probably mostly have to be on paper. Becuase I just get lost in the computers and forget. Physically writing helps me stay organized
 >>Actions: I have already started a notebook with basic record keeping
  -100 day project
I had mentioned this a couple months back, and truly I wanted to start on the first of the month, but I’m still a little unsure of what I want to do for the project!

My personal goals include:
 -physically get back to where I should be (I’ve gained a little weight over the past year, and its just uncomfortable to me) My plans for this is, I am working with a coach to do a Transformation Challenge, and I also have a couple half-marathons on the books 
 -marry my fiancé, Kevin. 
 -Thrive creatively
So there you have it. It is written down, and I will let you know how the progress proceeds. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post, which will be about what I have accomplished THIS week.