As Promised, a Progress Update

Last week was quite full, but I consider it quite successful! Little goals, my friends. Little goals and checklists. ☑️
 ☑️ Wrote a weekly post as promised
 ☑️ Completed the work I set for myself to complete
 ☑️ Updated my website. a bit.
There were a few orders on my list to complete and even more to ship out. While I live and work very near a Post Office, I find it very difficult to make the time to get there while they are open. However, this last trip to USPS was also a well thought-out success. But more about that in a minute. 
 Orders that I had yet to complete were:
 -Wisconsin [state flower]
 -Rhode Island [state flower]
 -House Portrait
 -House Portrait (as a gift for someone)
 -Ole Miss
 -finishing touches on my cousins Baby Fox
 -a custom Heart and Cross piece

Since it isn’t too often that I get orders that I need to ship out, I don’t keep any mailing/shipping supplies on-hand, as that is overhead money that I take a risk on spending before I even get any orders. However, as it seems to be so “difficult” for me to make it to one of the very close proximity Post Offices, I decided to take the leap and pre-purchase shipping supplies and stamps! So the first 8 people to place an order will get their work in a very timely manner! Hooray! It’s the little things, you guys. It really is. 
On top of all the embroidery success, I did a lot of cleaning around the house and meal prep. Oh! I also have been slowly updating my STATES EMBROIDERY page on my website. My goal is to upload a purchase link for every state, whether I have made it or not.  This way, you can still directly order the leaf you are looking for, without inquiring thru the custom order  portal. It will also help me keep better track of which pieces I have created and sold (another effort in keeping better books!) Anyhow, It was a wonderful weekend. I hope that yours was just as fantastic. 
 ACTIONS: This time next week, I hope to share with you some experiments. Now that my orders are complete, I want to experiment with a few ideas that I want to execute going forward. This effort is part of my want to take my work in a slightly different direction, but also maybe part of my 100-day project effort. 
Until next week!