hand embroidered magnolia leaves

Each magnolia leave is foraged, hand-embroidered, pressed and dried to create a timeless, one-of-a-kind piece of art. 



Custom designs

Whether you have an idea for a design, want a color swap or want to create a collection that is uniquely yours, let's create something uniquely yours. Send a note with your ideas and we'll get the thread flowin'. 


the artist + TEAM

Hey there! My name is Heather O’Donnell, and I am the artist behind the leaves. I grew up in Wisconsin and moved down to GA in 2009, and never left! Thank goodness too, because then I would have never started embroidering on leaves and it’s been such a great journey. Along side me is my husband, Kevin, and he is my number one supporter! Kevin helps me evolve my ideas, he is by my side when I want to quit, and he helps me out with my markets.

As an old soul with a desire for simpler times, I quickly fell in love with the art of embroidery. What started as a passion project, turned into an artistic focus when I began using magnolia leaves as my canvas. 

By nature, I am a Jane of many trades, but my primary focus is on embroidery, and I'd love to create something one-of-a-kind for you!